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A great new mall opend! and we can take part in it! Its a very great place with nice shops like:

Snowpaw Fashions, Thalia’s, Eclectique, Phresh, Elemental, Brass Monkey, terri.tees, Dinky Di Designs, Kandi Store, rain, Shayla’s, Fierce, Inks & Kinks,  mania fashion and Somapop…

Take the taxi and do a stroll in one of the nicest SL-Malls:


finally we have an own lil sim:) we open it with a “little big hunt” next friday the 7th january 🙂 you search for lil pink “SP” initials all arround the sim. our great friends from shops like: snowpaw-fashions, kretch-up!, KKPP-shop, zhuzhu, pompompom, embody shapes & poses, !fineartretail, cute bytes and more joined to have a lil big fun :)) have fun at searching and get nice gifts! cu xoxox

come and search the hidden shells….july 25 th–august 8th  (KKPP, Snowpaw Fashions, Xplosion, Diapop, FG-jewelry, Cute Bytes, Somapop and more…)

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